First released in Autumn/Winter 2013, SIN’s fleece leggings were made for fashion lovers to stay stylish even during the dull, cold weather. It hit us when we noticed a huge amount of remaining cloth would be wasted subsequent to the many productions of our best seller.

Being avid environmentalists ourselves, we would want to save them up for something else. While we were fumbling about the use of the remaining fabric, we came across photos of Vietnamese children in need on Facebook; and, “Eureka”! With that, we began making fleece leggings for children with the extra pieces. With every two pairs of adult-sized fleece leggings produced, one pair of mini-sized fleece leggings would be made for a child.

In just a year, SIN has donated than 4,500 pairs of fleece leggings to children in need and helped keep them warm throughout the cold, chilly nights. It could be just a baby-step to help these children, but we are truly proud of and humbled by this milestone. This year, we decided to further extend the support to this cause and await how it can positively impact the children in need around the world.

"Every child diagnosed with cancer wish for the same thing as healthy children.
They dream of becoming musicians, doctors, walking the red carpet, and some even want to walk on the moon.
Sadly, cancer gets in the way. We pray for your speedy recovery, darlings!"

"Can't deny the fact they are the best models we have wearing Fleece Leggings!"

"My family consists of 4 people; dad, mom, me, and my 3 month old baby brother.
I love him so much; he is always trying to give us the best he can."

Did you know, many of the children’s family only earn about $100 a month?
As food and shelter is way important, they sometimes couldn't afford to buy enough clothes to keep warmth.
It's good to hear at least they have received some clothes from donation.

With every two pairs of leggings purchased, you are able to donate one fleece leggings to a child.