Blushing Tribal Fleece Leggings

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Sending in a rush of tribal prints over purplish-pink blush undertones, giving it an aura of sweet, girlishness, these leggings are designed specially for the girly girl! You'll look altogether sweet and adorable in these darling pair of leggings. 

How We Wear It:
Make your leggings the center of your ensemble by pairing them with a plain white or black top. But, if you really want to turn up the sweetness, Wear a pastel sweater, a cute pleated mini skirt, and a pair of fur-lined boots!

Sizing Suggestions:
Model is 5'2" in height and 107lbs in body weight with 33c 28 35 in body measurement. These leggings fit an S. 

Measurements provided are based on the clothing item laid flat. Please compare these measurements with similar perfect fitting items of your own:
Size: XS / S / M / L / XL
Waist: 28cm / 30cm / 32cm / 34cm / 46cm
Length: 100cm / 100cm / 100cm / 100cm / 100cm  
Crotch: 21cm / 21.5cm / 22cm / 22.5cm / 23cm
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