Candy Wrappers Fleece Leggings

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Getting candies from your favorite gramps during the Winter when you visit them is one of the sweetest thing ever. Keep the memories alive with this pair of leggings.

How we wear it:
Maroon matches best with whites, and a hint of brown, black, blue, or green. Don't be afraid to experiment with different coloues who knows, maroon may become the new black as well!

Measurements provided are based on the clothing item laid flat. Please compare these measurements with similar perfect fitting items of your own:
Size: XS / S / M / L / XL
Waist: 28cm / 30cm / 32cm / 34cm / 46cm
Length: 100cm / 100cm / 100cm / 100cm / 100cm  
Crotch: 21cm / 21.5cm / 22cm / 22.5cm / 23cm
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