Lady of the Night Basic Fleece Leggings

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In Aztec Mythology, there was a moon goddess known as Yohaulticetl. She also called the “Lady of the Night”. Her job was to guard infants. She’s our inspiration for these leggings - an Aztec pattern with monochrome colours to reflect a tribal painting at night.These fleece-lined leggings are bound to keep your gorgeous legs all warm and comfy all night long.

How we wear it:
Keep your look subtle and understated by pairing these leggings with a dark-coloured slouchy sweater and simple black boots. If you’re a bit adventurous, try a bright coloured knit top and a long pastel-coloured jacket with light brown boots. 

Measurements provided are based on the clothing item laid flat. Please compare these measurements with similar perfect fitting items of your own:
Size: XS / S / M / L 
Waist: 28cm / 30cm / 32cm / 34cm / 36cm
Length: 100cm
Crotch: 21cm / 21.5cm / 22cm / 22.5cm / 23cm
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