Mister Moose Fleece Leggings

USD 10  USD 36


Oh hello there Moosey! Real mooses can be dangerous, but be rest assured that these on our fleece leggings do no harm. Wear it with without worry while keeping your legs at the perfect body temperature.

How we wear it:
You can go all hardcore and top it off with animal printed tops, or tone it down with the basic colors. We're suggesting rabbit prints though!
Measurements provided are based on the clothing item laid flat. Please compare these measurements with similar perfect fitting items of your own:
Size: XS / S / M / L / XS
Waist: 33cm / 35cm / 37cm / 39cm / 41cm
Length: 100cm / 100cm / 100cm / 100cm / 100cm  
Crotch: 21cm / 21.5cm / 22cm / 22.5cm / 23
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